My Bio


I am a young author, technologist, writer, and product designer. I live in sunny Santa Monica, California, and I take up digital residence at

I’ve worked at the Department of Defense, co-founded an interactive mapping company (before the era of Google Maps), led Mobile Flash Development at Amp’d Mobile, and served as Senior Manager of Flash Development at Clearwire.

Currently I’m consulting on major User Interface/User Experience projects for Fortune 500 companies, freelance writing, and writing novels. Check out my books below:

Ghosts of ARCADIA - By Ramsey Isler The greatest video game system the world has ever seen has been hacked. ARCADIA was the first platform to offer a complete simulated reality experience using direct brain scans to trick the gamer’s senses and, more importantly, to read their minds to know what they wanted to do next. It was hailed as a breakthrough; the most innovative invention since the television. It sold out in record time. Then the hackers started stealing. Famed journalist Miguel Naciamento takes on the case to find the truth behind the heist, but what he actually finds could change the world forever. A sci-fi novella. Buy it now at:
The Remortal - By Ramsey Isler The Remortal is a culturally diverse Urban Fantasy / Thriller with action, betrayal, and painful life lessons passed from a jaded immortal to a young man trying to make sense of the world. Telly is a homeless kid with not much going for him until he meets a charming and mysterious man named Van. Van reveals that he is actually an immortal, with abilities and wealth beyond Telly’s wildest dreams. Van offers Telly the chance to inherit his powers and his fortune if Telly can just do one thing: find a way to kill him. Learn more on the book’s website at:
The Ninth Order - By Ramsey Isler The Ninth Order is a blend of Fantasy and Science Fiction that pays homage to the storytelling traditions of the Final Fantasy video game series. It tells the story of Falki, a promising young member of a powerful order known as the Rezernaan. Some call the Rezernaan wizards, others call them charlatans, but everyone on The Five Islands respects their authority. But when one of their most powerful members goes rogue, Falki must recruit a motley crew of specialists to deal with him before his dangerous philosophies put their entire civilization at risk. Buy it now at:
Clockworkers - By Ramsey Isler COMING SOON – A modern reimagining of elf folklore, Clockworkers follows a young woman named Sam Chablon – a watchmaking prodigy who works in a small but renowned watch shop that specializes in luxury watch repairs. Sam’s life takes a dramatic turn when her father dies and leaves her his most cherished find – a real, live elf.

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