The Cheap: a great resource for authors and readers

I’ve recently found a community called The Cheap that is surprisingly awesome and useful. If you’re a writer with low-priced books out there, it’s a great way to promote your work and find new readers. If you’re a reader, it’s an easy place to find cheap reads for your Nook or Kindle.

The Cheap has a simple but powerful premise: “Here at the Cheap we, a group of deal scouting women, inform you of free and low-cost books. ” They’ve created several communities that work extremely well. There’s the main The Cheap site, which focuses on book deals for the Nook, and I believe it’s one of the best ways available for authors to reach that tricky Nook market.

Then there’s their Kindle on the Cheap community, which also features a handy Author a Day section. If you’re an author, I highly recommend getting yourself featured here. It’s easy, quick, and the results are impressive. As part of my 99 cent campaign for my books, I posted my books to the Kindle on the Cheap Facebook account, and the kind ladies subsequently made me an Author of the Day. Sales jumped like a kangaroo on acid.

The Cheap also has an effective social media strategy and have a great presence on Facebook. Check out the Kindle on the Cheap fanpage or if you’re an Author, the Author on the Cheap page. Whether you’re a voracious, deal-seeking reader, or an author looking for those voracious, deal-seeking readers, The Cheap has a lot to offer