The Remortal on iTunes

I’ve reached another milestone in my self-publishing journey. My first released novel, The Remortal, is now available on iTunes for all sorts of iThingies.

iTunes is no stranger to indie artists; musicians have been plying their wares on this digital marketplace for years, and most people like it. You get to virtually bump elbows with the big boys — the cool alternarockfolk music you wrote with your buddies during your stint as guitarist in a garage band can exist in the same store as The Beatles and Coldplay and Bieber. But the path to iTunes for indie authors was a bit trickier. Authors had to find some way to get an ebook app created for the app store since there wasn’t an Apple-sanctioned eBook marketplace until the iBookstore came out with the first iPad (even then, Apple initially had no option for indie authors and only listed titles by the big publishing houses). A number of “middle-men” popped up to offer app platforms that would let you get your book on the app store, but at a price, and the user experience was less than ideal.

Then Smashwords inked a deal with Apple to serve as the “publisher” for scores of indie authors, giving us poor scribes an entry into the iTunes White Palace via the back door. Now writers everywhere can sell their stuff to the millions of people using iTunes, and especially those users with the “magical” iPads.

So if you want to buy my book, The Remortal, on iTunes, point your interwebs machine to this link: