Misquoting Pacquiao Misquoting the Bible

Boxer Manny Pacquiao came under fire for an interview with a conservative (i.e. Republican) reporter that attributed him with comments that implied he wanted gays put to death. The media and LGBT crowds quickly descended on him and fans and supporters stepped away from him. If Pacquiao had actually said those things, then the hate would’ve been certainly deserved. The problem is, Manny didn’t actually say that gays should be put to death, but his true beliefs aren’t much better.

Here’s what really happened. The author of the article in question, Granville Ampong, included a passage from Leviticus that states: “If a man lies with a man as one lies with a woman, both of them have done what is detestable. They must be put to death”. But Ampong did it in a way that seemed to attribute the quote to Pacquiao, when in fact this was something that Ampong inserted on his own. Ampong has come out publicly and confirmed this was all his doing, and according to an official statement by Pacquiao:

Pacquiao does not now and has never believed that people deserve death because of their sexual orientation.

Pacquiao is simply against the marriage of anyone that is not Man and Woman as he believes is stated in the Bible. “I didn’t say that, that’s a lie… I didn’t know that quote from Leviticus because I haven’t read the Book of Leviticus yet,” he said.

So what we have here is really just bad reporting, exacerbated by bad reporting about the bad reporting. A bunch of reporters on TV and the web jumped the gun and didn’t really get the full context of the original article (many probably didn’t even actually read it), and the original article itself was poorly written with a clear agenda that is far from unbiased reporting and virtually dripping with the author’s own personal beliefs. What we should really take away from this debacle: don’t be so quick to believe headlines. Read, research, and come to your own conclusion. It seems like common sense, but apparently we all still have much to learn in that regard.

Now don’t get me wrong, Manny shouldn’t be let off the hook either. His opposition to gay marriage is clear and he did invoke Sodom and Gommorrah in his interview (which isn’t exactly “nice”), and he does insist that we should look to the bible for guidance on all matters. But look at his quote above again: “I didn’t know that quote from Leviticus because I haven’t read the Book of Leviticus yet”.

He. hasn’t. read. it.

This is a man insisting that everyone lives according to God’s law when he himself doesn’t even know what that law says. Perhaps if he did, he wouldn’t have all those tattoos, which Leviticus also bans, as illustrated by the awesome picture below.

Manny Pacquiao hasn't read Leviticus


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