iPhone app: Scribblr

It seems like everyone has an iPhone these days, and everyone has a Facebook account too. What happens when you combine these two cultural forces in a drawing app? You get Scribblr!

A couple of friends of mine have released a fun drawing app that combines how well you know your Facebook friends with a blank canvas to be creative and funny. In their own words:

Scribblr is a fun and addicting game that combines drawing with how well you know your Facebook friends.

Connect with Facebook to draw things about your friends, or create images for yourself. Doodle your way through dozens of things to draw then share them with your friends.

Play and laugh by yourself or with others for an entertaining time with friends. Scribble something barely recognizable or create a masterpiece. Sketch something realistic or downright fantastic. Be silly. Be playful. Be cute. Maybe all of the above.

Download Scribblr for FREE on iTunes


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