Free fantasy book: The Ninth Order

In celebration of…nothing in particular…I’ve made my novel The Ninth Order free for two days! It’s exclusively available on all Kindle platforms now, that means you can read it on a Kindle device or on the Kindle apps on your smartphone/tablet or PC/Mac. It’s everywhere, man.

Download the Ninth Order for Free before Midnight PST on March 21

Holiday Sale

Happy Holidays everyone! Since I’m in a festive mood, my books are only $0.99 on the Kindle Store!

The Remortal Kindle ebook cover

Urban Fantasy – A jaded immortal recruits an innocent young protege to inherit his wealth and power, with unexpected outcomes for both. To sum it up, it’s Highlander meets Training Day:

The Ninth Order ebook cover

Epic Fantasy – When the world went mad, the Rezernaan were there to restore peace and order. Now one of their greatest minds is turning against them, and young Falki must recruit a team of elites to stop him. An epic mix of fantasy and sci-fi

Thanks for reading, and Happy Holidays 🙂 .